Test out the longest or any dice game play sessions that you want 😊

Test over 1,000,000 bets to get the best idea of max losing streak possible with dice gambling sites.

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How to use:

1) Enter Payout between 1.005 to 9920. The press OK.
2) Enter the No. of bets. Then press OK.
3) If you Want to Display all the Rolls along with the results Enter Y and Press OK. If you want to only Display the Results leave it blank.

That's all result will show up instantaneously.

➤TIP 1: If you want to do another test just reload the page.

➤TIP 2: If you want to get to the end of the page just to check the results only follow this:
  • On Windows: Press end key on the keyboard.
  • On Mac: Press command + right arrow on the keyboard.
➤TIP 3: If you want to calculate your bets according to the possible max streak of loss use our bet calculator here: Smart Gambling Edge Bet Calculator.

This will also get you to know how the random number generation algorithm works. And will be more cautious next time when you place the bets.

Smart Gambling Edge Dice Experiment Game: Version 2.0

You can use it to test results for almost all dice sites.

All Bets is Roll Under or Bet Lower

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