Top 5 Myths That Will Ruin Your Gambling Experience.

Myths That Will Only Make You Lose In Gambling.
When we are gambling we knowingly or unknowingly become trapped by many false beliefs or myths which have nothing to do with the actual fact. The longer the time that we have been holding this beliefs the more firmly we believe in them. I am going to list below the top 5 gambling myths that will only ruin you if you get trapped by them.

Top 5 Myths That Will Ruin Your Gambling Experience:

1) The More I Play The Better I Will Get:

In gambling one game outcome is not influenced by others nor does it influence the outcome of other games. Every game has an element of chance that cannot be overcome, no matter how much effort you put in. Unlike others in gambling practice does not make perfect.

Definitely some skill is do needed if you are playing skill based gambling games like poker, but every games still involve chance. The more you play the more likely you are to lose.

What you should do instead?

- Gamble responsibly with a game plan, take breaks, set limits ( time, money ), only gamble when you are fresh & relaxed and never gamble to escape from life problems.

2) There Is/ I Can Learn A System That Will Beat All The Odds:

Do yourself a favor and embrace the odds of the game and the house edge. Do not be in the false belief that a particular gambling system can beat all the odds. The element of randomness will always be present in any game of chance.

What you should do instead?

- Having a proper bankroll and risk management with proper handling of emotions while gambling is the only way that you can have a chance of having some success at gambling. Mainly gambling is intended for fun and entertainment, do not make it a stressful trying to beat the house.

3) If I Keep Playing I Can Always Recover:

The house always has the advantage. Chasing your losses will only worsen the situation. Longer play only equate more losses.

What you should do instead?

- Think like this whatever lost is lost, trying to chase and recover will only worsen my current situation.

If you intend to make a recovery, a detailed planning is needed. Continuing to play without a game plan will only worsen your current situation. Check out: How to Recover Easily.

4) Faucet Are Harmless And Fun Because No Money Is Bet:

The main purpose of the faucet is to encourage you to deposit and play. Winning with faucet is normally easy as you can always claim again and start over even when you bust, leading to false sense of skill and control.

Once false beliefs about one’s odds, skills, or ability to win at gambling are established, they are hard to counter. False beliefs can lead to bad decision-making and problem gambling behaviors.

What you should do instead?

- Completely avoid them. If you are to gamble, deposit and play to understand the real risk involved and not get fooled by faucet experience.

5) The Next Bet Is Sure Win:

Your winning chance on every bet always remain the same. Basing past outcomes to predict future outcome never works.

If the ball on the roulette game landed on 0 two times before the chance of the ball landing on 0 again remains the same on the next bet too.

What you should do instead?

- Treat every bet as fresh bet and not base your bets on past outcomes. Every bet has the same chance of winning so size your bets reasonably and not increase/raise bets based on past outcomes.

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