Wager Calculator

How to Use?

1) Enter the amount you want to wager in the Amount To Wager Box.
2) Now in the Base Bet Box enter the bet amount you are going to bet on every bet.
3) After this enter the No. of bets per second.
4) If you want to know too the possible profit or loss, enter the payout/multiplier and the expected winning % of the total no. of bet(s). Negative value means loss.
5) Finally hit calculate you will get the desired results.

* Flat Betting( Betting Same Amount on Every Bet) is used in this calculator.

To wager more faster check out: Building Wager Amount Faster.

Smart Gambling Edge Wager Calculator v1.2:

Suggestions to improve the calculator e-mail me:

Enter The Values:

*Amount To Wager:

*Base Bet (Bet Amount):

*No. of Bet(s) in 1 Second:

Payout (Multiplier):

Winning % of All Bet(s):

How Long It Will Take: - Minute(s) No. of bet(s): Possible Profit/Loss:
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