Hacker Multiplier Calculator

Smart Gambling Edge Lucky Games Hacker Game Calculator v1.1:

1) Maximum Website(s) must be 38 and Minimum Must be 1.
2) Minimum Website(s) Hacked Must be 1 and It cannot be more than Website(s) Available for Hack.
3) If you enter the values wrongly you will not get the multiplier.

* Actual multiplier for more than one website hacked will be slightly less. This is because the house edge is calculated at the end of session in this calculator instead of every website hacked.

Suggestions to improve the calculator e-mail me: cryptoamar@gmail.com

Bet Amount:

Enter the number of:

Multiplier is: -x Win Amount:
Hacker Multiplier Calculator Hacker Multiplier Calculator Reviewed by Amar Singh on July 24, 2020 Rating: 5
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