How to Use?
  • Simply Enter the Starting Prediction, the Ending Prediction and the Base Bet.
  • If you want to use the same prediction only set the same starting and ending prediction.
  • To play like auto bet in manual mode: Start from the first base bet (make the first bet amount low) and prediction. If you win go back to first base bet else continue with the next bet and prediction. See this video:
  • To play fully in manual mode: Set bet amount to 1-5% of your balance in the calculator. (1)Use the first starting prediction, set the minimum bet amount and play till you get an average losing streak. After that you use the bet amount you set in the calculator. If you lose you use the next bet amount and next prediction till you win. Once you win you go to start. (1) * If you have another two losses after the average losing streak start from (1) See this video:
  • Reload if you want to try with another prediction range.
Site I am playing on is luckygames if you want to play on other sites its the same process.

➤ 99-1 Gives the Winning Chance. So over 50 means 49% Winning Chance.

If you have not yet sign up for lucky games sign up here -

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Smart Gambling Edge Easy Manual Bet Calculator 1.0:

All Prediction is Roll Over

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