Best Safe Strategy For Compounding.

How to Compound Safely?
Who does not love compounding? Yes, we all love compounding our balance. The more we compound our balance the better it is.

What's better way to compound than to compound daily. Compounding daily sure is risky but if you try out this strategy you will easily compound your balance without much risk.

We are going to use Daily Percentage Target Compounding Strategy to safely compound our balance with very little risk.

Why this is the Best Safe Strategy For Compounding?

1) Less Risky:

When we compound we usually compound the balance and it gets riskier as our balance gets bigger plus we normally leave all our profits to add to the compounding process.

In this strategy what we are going to do is compound the daily percentage target slightly daily and use the same balance throughout the compounding process which makes it less risky.

2) Profits Are Safeguarded: 

We can bank or withdraw our profits as we are not going to use the profits that we make daily for the compounding process. Most of the time mistakes does happen when we do not bank our profits and keep compounding with it.

As always anything can happen while gambling and for safety you must safeguard your gambling profits and this strategy does both compounding and safeguarding very well.

3) Less Mistakes:

When we compound what we normally do is raise bets as our balance increases and we usually get over confident when we made a good amount of profits, this creates more room for mistakes.

In this strategy as we are only going to use our starting balance throughout the compounding process and only slightly increase the daily percentage target; we are going to stick mostly with the same bet amounts which works and not raise bets.

Follow this simple step to set it up:

Set a fixed daily percentage target and a percentage by which you are going to increase/compound your daily percentage target daily or pick a frequency like a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

So for example your daily percentage target is 5 and you want to increase it daily by 0.1% and your balance is 1000.

Here is how it will look like:

Day 1 5% of 1000 as Profit.
Day 2 (5 + 0.1% of 5)% of 1000 as Profit
Day 3 (5.005+0.1% of 5.005)% of 1000 as Profit ... and so on.

For easy calculations use: SGE Compounding Calculator and SGE Spread Sheet. ( Download or Make A Copy of Spread Sheet To Use. )

Tips for better set up:

1) Do not set it too high: 

Keep the increase % of the daily percentage target low, 0.1% or less is a good increase if you are going to increase it daily. Same goes for your daily percentage target too 5% daily is a good increase to start with.

2) Do not stress yourself:

If you are not feeling pressure or having trouble achieving the daily percentage target decrease it.

3) Break it down:

If you have to make a certain percentage of your balance as profit in a day. Try to break it down to multiple sessions of small profits, this will not only help you achieve your target a lot easier but also keep your balance safe as we usually make mistakes when we play for too long.

4) Withdraw/Bank Profits Daily:

Most of the time we lose all our profits because we do not withdraw/bank our profits daily. Do it daily as its very easy also you can bank profits in many ways creating a separate bank account if the crypto gambling site supports multiple accounts, using the bank or vault feature if the site supports it, exchanging your profits to another crypto or withdrawing your profits.

5) Have a Back Up Balance:

No matter how safe it is sometimes we do make mistakes also anything can happen while gambling. Having at least half of whatever you deposit as back up is the best way to avoid the uncertainties and make an easy recovery when you need to.

6) Have a Fixed Goal to Achieve:

Its tempting to keep compounding forever but without an end goal you will most likely get lost in the process, lose your balance, easy to get demotivated and give up.

Having a fixed goal like doubling your balance will give you a clear idea of how far your a behind or have you reached your goal. Doubling your initial deposit is a good goal to start with. 

Best of Luck in Compounding Your Balance.

Want to add something or have any doubts, leave a comment below.

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