Building up your wager amount fast with low balance.

Wagering more in crypto gambling safely.
Crypto gambling sites treat those that wager more better.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Higher and more faucets. If the sites have a level system.
  • More amount in tips from rain bot.
  • The most important benefit: Some sites have wagering contest daily, weekly or monthly where those that wager the most get rewards from the crypto gamblng sites.

How to build up your wager amount fast then?

To build your wager amount fast the best option you have is to use low multipliers, the higher the multiplier you use the slowly you build up the wager amount.

If you are tight on funds. You need to be patient if you rush you will definitely end up busting which I would definitely not like to happen.

Even with just a few hundred or thousand satoshis you can wager big amounts. I have personally wagered over almost full coin starting from just the faucet so you can too do it too. The most important part is consistency and proper game plan.

If you have at least 0.001 balance of any coin its a lot easier to do it and a lot fast too than just starting from faucet or with lower amounts

The main focus should be to build up the wager amount and not to think about profits as crypto gambling sites are designed most of the times to encourage wagering its very easy to build up wager amounts. ( Site gets House Edge as profit on every wager. )

You have two options to do it:

1) Auto bet: ( Not Recommended )

If you are busy and just want to set and leave it then auto bet is the best the only drawback is that you will have to suffer the house edge as loss. For this I prefer to use 2 x payout and 3 x payout.

For both, if you set 10 satoshi as base bet for 1 million bets with no increase or decrease on loss worst case you will be down slightly more than 0.001 BTC and you will have wagered 0.1 BTC. If you try with 100 satoshi than you have wagered one full bitcoin with a worst case loss of slightly more than 0.01 BTC.

You might ask why not martingale?

If you martingale you will not reach that big wager amount and you will definitely bust before that. Try it if you want to.

If you still want to use martingale check this out: Safely set up auto bets.

2) Manual bet: ( Highly Recommended )

Manual best is the best one not faster way to wager big amounts fast than manual bets.

(i) Payout:

Payout between 1.1 - 1.5 is a safe range to stick too.

Why not lower?

Risking 100% and not getting even 10% is not what you want to do as its sure is a quick recipe for disaster.

Test it out on your own try playing of 1.05 x. How good was the results?

Why not higher?

Higher payouts as you might have seen in the case of 1.5 x it can go even up to 16 long losing streak in worst case. You will definitely get a good idea, how high it can go for the next one.

The worst case long losing streak is here: ( 1 Million Bets Tested! )

1.1 - 7
1.2 - 10
1.3 - 11
1.4 - 12
1.5 - 16

But most likely you will see the following long losing streak: ( 10,000 Bets Tested! )

1.1 - 3 to 5
1.2 -  4 to 7
1.3 - 5 to 9
1.4 - 6 to 10
1.5 - 7 to 11.

You can also use our dice experiment too to test out on your own too.

Test it here: Dice Experiment tool!

(ii) Betting strategy:

Bet the same amount like 0.5-1% of your balance every bet and when you find any long losing streak within the range above of most likely long losing streak, bet bigger so that you at make some profit.

You will most likely win two or more times in a row for safety just stick to two only.

You can run some safe auto bets too for sometime too if you need.

Remember this: They key is not to make profits but to build up the wager amount.

If you try to make profits and at the same time try to build the wager amount your sure will get busted most of the time as you are focusing on two things which do not equate no matter how hard you try. So save yourself from the trouble and just focus on building up that big wager amount.

If you are looking make profits the safest option is to make only a few bets which you cannot do while you are trying to build up your wager amount.

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