Ether Games Club Review With Auto Bet Strategy!

Profitable Auto Bet Strategy for Ether Games Club.
I have been gambling on this New Crypto Gambling site ( Ether Games Club ) for some time and the experience has been very good so far. [ Update: Site Shutdown ]

It has all the features that you can expect from a Good Crypto Gambling Site.

1) Provably Fair System:

You can verify any of your bets using the provably fair system.

2) Fast Deposit ( Only 2 Confirmations ).

3) Faucet Every 5 Minutes:

You can claim faucet for eth and btc only.

4) Levelling System. ( 1 ETH Wagered = 1 Level ):

Higher levels grant you more faucet and number of claims. Once you cross level 50 which is legend level you can claim 1000 Satoshi BTC or 10000 Gwei ETH every 5 mins unlimited times in a day.

5) Multiple Cryptos Supported:

4 Cryptos Supported right now. ( ETH, BTC, LTC, DOGE )

6) Low Minimum Bet Amount:

1 Satoshi for all Cryptos and only 0.01 for DOGE.

7) Very Good Interface:

Most of the new sites interface is not that good but not for this site. Its super fast and user friendly.

Check it out you will definitely love it!

Two Profitable Auto Bet Strategy Settings:

1) Payout: 2.44 and Increase on loss 71.

2) Payout 2.91 and Increase on loss 55.

Use the Same Base Bet for both.

Base Bet = Balance/40,000, Make it more if you want more safety.

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Ether Games Club Review With Auto Bet Strategy! Ether Games Club Review With Auto Bet Strategy! Reviewed by Amar Singh on November 21, 2018 Rating: 5

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