How You Can Better Rationalize While Gambling?

Better rationalizing gambling.
We all have done it at some point, we try to rationalize gambling. ( rationalize: attempt to explain or justify (behaviour or an attitude) with logical reasons, even if these are not appropriate.)

Rationalizing the game is never going to make you win because you are looking for false confirmations or assumptions to validate our actions.

When rationalizing the game we make these mistakes:

1) We wait for false confirmations:

Like waiting for a long losing streak to bet big. You are not only risking big and at the same time wasting your precious time to wait for that unlikely outcome.

2) We relate totally unrelated outcomes:

Most of the time when rationalizing the game what most do is relate the past outcomes with the future outcome, this is a big mistake to do as you have equal chance of winning and losing on every bet.

3) We assume that low risk is safe:

Low risk will eat up your funds in just a few bets so do not make the mistake of betting on high winning chances. If you do not get at least 20% profit on your bet amount your balance will drain up pretty fast.

4) We underestimate the likeliness of long losing streaks:

Most of us underestimate the likeliness of long losing streaks when we are rationalizing the game. There is no way you can survive a long losing streak the best is to cut losses early.

Why most still do it even they know they will never win doing this?

Its simple, easy to do and works most of the time. Most important of all it satisfies our desire of being wright and avoid the fear of being wrong.

How You Can Better Rationalize While Gambling?

1) Play with average losing streak in mind:

If your bets cross that certain average losing streak, change your bets or start over.

Use our dice game test to get an idea of the average losing streak fast.

2) Risk is Necessary for Winning:

Without taking any risk you will never win in gambling so take risk with proper risk and bankroll management.

3) Anything Can Happen:

While gambling anything can happen so when you are in profits bank it and when you are in losses cut your losses early such that it does not drain your bankroll.

4) Winning Chance Never Change:

You have equal chance of winning on every bet so do not decide how you are going to bet based on past outcome. If a particular winning chance is not working be flexible and change it.

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