Why you should use scripts or bots?

Why you should use bots or scripts?
We all know very well that we can use scripts or bots for betting on dice game. I would highly suggest that you use a proper script or bot for betting on the dice game.

Why you should use scripts or bots?

We are after all humans and we do make mistakes. Mistakes while gambling does not always end well. Also its pretty easy to get carried away by the flow of emotions while gambling only to repent later.

Benefits of using scripts or bots:

1) Mistakes Rarely Happen:

It will do whatever its programmed to do and nothing else. Unless you make a mistake while programming the bot or script there is no room for mistake.

2) Emotionless:

No matter how hard we try its impossible to be emotionless. The best we can do is try to handle our emotions well so it does not get the best of us.

For bots or scripts its totally emotionless it does not care how much you won or loss. It will follow whatever its programmed to do.

3) Freedom:

Once its programmed and run, you can do whatever you want.

4) Flexibility:

You are flexible to combine many strategies together while programming the bot or script for the best results.

What kind of scripts or bots you should avoid?

Hacking scripts or bots that are designed to exploit the site, you must avoid them at all cost.

These two outcomes are likely for if you use them:

1) You lose all your funds to one coding the script/bot.

2) Your account get banned for exploiting the site.

Which bots or scripts you can use?

Use bots or scripts that are programmed to play like you would normally play.

One of the best free open source bot you can use is Seuntjie Dice Bot. It works on most crypto gambling sites.

Programming this bot is not that complex too. If you are not good at programming too the advanced mode has a lot of functionality that you can use too.

If you need any help with Seuntjie dice bot you can contact me on telegram: @amarcryptopro or e-mail me at

I can also program your strategies into Seuntjie dice bot for a fee. Program your strategy once and you do not need to ever waste your time again manually applying it every time you use it.

Will bots or scripts only make profits?

Its impossible to make only profits, you will suffer losses too.

Its how it is programmed that will provide the results. If it has a good risk and bankroll management it will surely make profits most of the time.

Do not think that its going to give you special powers over the game. Its the same game, your patience and the game play strategy will decide the outcome.

What you must know before using/running a script or bot?

You must have a proper idea of how it works so that you do not make any mistakes while using/running it. If you do not understand it properly its more useless than using a basic betting system.

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