5 Things To Avoid If You Want To Profit From Gambling.

Avoid them if you want to make profit from gambling.
Its fact that more than 90% of the gamblers will only lose money gambling. Betting systems does not work, rationalising and chasing losses will only lead to more losses at the end of the day.

5 Things to Avoid if You Want to Profit From Gambling:

1) Rationalising the game:

Most commonly known as the gambler's fallacy. On the roulette wheel number 16 has shown up 2 times in a row, does not guarantee that it does not show up for the third time in a row. All numbers have equal chances of showing up on every bet.

The roulette wheel does not remember where the ball has landed on last time and its best that you do not remember it too.

Always remember that all outcomes are independent of each other and past outcome does not guarantee any future outcome.

2) Betting Systems:

There is no betting system that will make you profit. Stop looking for them. Just use a simple gambling system that you are comfortable with proper bankroll and risk management. I have been only using a simple martingale system for a very long time and it works all the time.

Stop wasting your precious time watching YouTube videos, always looking for new strategies. Instead focus on improving yourself so you can better handle your emotions while gambling.

3) Chasing Losses:

Avoid this at all cost it will only lead to more losses. As humans we are wired to avoid loss at all cost even when it leads to more loss.Its always the best decision to stop before the downward spiral starts.

Don't be trapped by the Sunk Cost Fallacy. "I have already lost 500$. I cannot let all that money go to waste." This will only lead to more losses. Take a break and start fresh. Recovering losses is not that hard as it seems at the moment when you just lose it all.

4) Comparison:

Stop comparing yourself with others. Comparison most of the time brings about negative feelings like greed, fear, etc which is not at all good if you want to profit from gambling.

The only thing you need to do if you want to profit is focus on your stats and your bets. Others bets and stats are for them to look at not yours. If they win or lose big, its not going to impact your stats or bets. But if you closely monitor them it will surely definitely impact you.

5) Gambling Too Long:

Avoid gambling for far too long at all cost. Gambling for 1 or 2 hours a day is enough to make all the profits that you need to make in a day. Too long gambling will only make you lose it all and even more.

Mistakes become more prone if you gamble for too long. We are all humans and we can only make a limited number of good decisions in a day.

On top of that if you gamble for too long, it will only make you become addicted to gambling; which has many unwanted consequences like neglecting family, friends, losing job, getting into debt,etc. 

Gambling within limits is fine. If it goes beyond limits, its very unpleasant to not only you but to others that matter to you. Best is to avoid gambling for too long at all cost if you want to gain something from gambling else there is a lot to lose by gambling.

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