How provably fair works?

Provably fair working explained.
Its hard to trust something online. Its even more harder when we are dealing with gambling and betting our hard earned money. Provably fair system comes to the rescue for both the players and those managing the gambling site.

Provably Fair uses a cryptographic hash which is encrypted. Sha 256 (80 bit encryption) and sha 512 (90 bit encryption) are most commonly used by most sites for encryption. MD5 hash (128 bit encryption) is also used on new site

Higher encryption provides more security and make it less vulnerable to exploits.

Encryption ensures that the information sent between the player and the site is unknown but allowing the information too to be deciphered for verification afterwards when the bet is done.

How Provably fair system works is simple:

1) Server seed is provided by the site. Usually its a string which is formed by combination of numbers and alphabets.

2) The server seed is hashed and shown to player as the server seed hash.

3) The player can add a random seed of their choice which will now act as the client seed and the bet plays out.

4) Once the bet is placed, the server seed which is used in the bet is shown to the player.

5) Only if all of it matches the bet will be verified. No external influence involved in it.

6) Any manipulation by either the player or the site will change the hash function completely and make the bet unverifiable.

Word of caution: Nothing is 100% safe and secure there might be some instances when cheating or exploit occurs. Sometimes the site might cheat or sometimes the player will exploit the site to their advantage.

If something fishy happens make sure to verify your bets too. If there is an error you can contact the site admin and demand for refund. Use the provably fair system to your advantage.

If a particular site is not working good for you and you have lost a lot there already. Move on to other sites there is tons of other sites that offer crypto gambling. Definitely some site will work out well for you.

Do not get involved in a recovery game. Just because you lose a lot already does not make you more likely to win. The odds are always the same as always. 50% winning chance will never pay 3X your bet amount if you win. Use your player's edge to the advantage.

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“Hoping to recoup is what ruins the gambler.”
Irish proverb

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