Manage your bankroll like high rollers.

Ever wondered why some high rollers keep winning more and more.

How they make comeback even after a big loss?

The secret behind that is proper bankroll management, they have prepared themselves for the worst case scenario and have set aside funds that will recover any amount of loss they make and they end up making even more.

Just like all newcomers I did also make the same mistake of bringing in all my funds at one go and failed severely.

So how do you manage your bankroll like the high rollers?

Here are the three simple steps to do it:

1) Bring only a portion of your funds:

Do not deposit all your available funds in one go. Bring only a portion of it 10-20% is ideal amount to bring in.

When you do this you are setting yourself up for the worst case scenario of losing it all. Once you have dealt with this fear; nothing can stop you from winning and taking the risk worth taking.

2) Set emotions aside when you play:

Emotions form a most important part of us but this is our biggest drawback when we gamble. The greed and fear involved does not serve us any good. It only make us loss more and more.

Its always wise to stop your bets after a big win or big loss as both do ignite our inner emotions of greed and fear.

Stop your bets immediately after a big win or loss, if you not do this it will drain your bankroll faster than you think.

3) Take Payouts:

If you have not realised your earnings is never profit. So make it a rule to take payout after a certain fixed threshold. Say like 20% of your initial funds.

You never know when a big loss might come and take it all.

Luck sometimes visits a fool,but it never sits down with him.German Proverb
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