How to handle emotions while gambling?

Better handling emotions while gambling.
Emotions good or bad will always be part of us while we are gambling, we cannot completely avoid them or control them. The best choice we have is to better handle our emotions while we are gambling. We cannot change what has happened but we can only change the way we react to it.

Why better handling emotions is important?

Better handling emotions is important so that we completely avoid making those rash decisions when we get emotional, which we will definitely regret later.

How to better handle emotions while you are gambling?

1) Be aware of it:

Being aware of what you are feeling is the first step to better handling your emotions. If you do not know what you are feeling you can never have a solution for it. So first acknowledge the feeling and then proceed with finding a solution to it.

If a particular environment or situation is responsible for that emotion to arise try to change it so that you do not have to deal with the same emotion again.

2) Take full responsibility:

You need to put your emotions in check whether you like it or not. You are the only one that can do that so its up to you to take full responsibility of your emotions. Whether you channel it for the better or for the worst its completely up to you.

Surroundings do influence your emotions up to some extent but the final decision always rest on you. So do not be in denial and take full responsibility of how you are feeling.

3) Shift your focus:

Do not let others luck dampen yours. You will always see those win big and get extremely lucky do not let them be the reason behind your loss. Its human nature to be jealous but if you let it to ruin your luck than you are definitely doing yourself injustice.

When you are feeling that a certain emotion is controlling you in a negative way, try to shift your focus to something more positive. So if you are seeing someone winning big do not get jealous but instead focus what you have at the moment and try to make the most out of it. This will definitely help you in winning more for yourself a lot faster.

Feeling down or depressed after a long losing streak? Or too anxious? Take a break. The best part of playing online is that there is no one to be embarrassed to.

4) Always look at the bright side:

Having a bad day? Do not let it spoil your future. Think of all those days where you have won. Are you going to let one off day change your perception, the choice is yours.

There is always two ways to handle any situation and its up to you to decide which one will you chose the dark side ( negative ) or the bright side ( positive ). A better way to look at the situation will be to think that, "I am just having a bad day and I will make an even better come back the next day."

5) React Differently:

Excitement and entertainment is good but don't get carried away too much. If everything else fails the only solution you have is to react to it differently. While its the best to be aware and determine the best reaction to it based on your analysis of those emotions, sometimes you do not have the time to work it out.

Using controlled physical response is a great way to better channel your emotions. Try taking deep breathe and closing your eyes for a few moments if you're nervous or angry. If its not working still go for a walk or a stroll.

Hope this helps and help you in better handling your emotions while gambling.

When was the last time your emotions got better off you while you are gambling?

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