Top 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Deposit and Play.

Do not make these mistakes when you deposit and play.
You might be testing for a while or playing with play money, faucet, tips or from rain. Once you do decide to deposit and play with some real money that you can at least make some profits from.

Here are the Top 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Deposit and Play.

1) Thinking that your funds are unlimited:

Play Money, faucet, tips or rain will make you to believe that its ok to lose and funds are unlimited. But its usually the opposite these freebies make you to lose more when you deposit and play as in your mind you are already brain washed that its ok to lose and you can always get more funds to play. That's why most crypto gambling sites have some sort of system it may be faucets or others even when they are losing a lot from those that abuse it.

My advice will be never bother with these freebies from the start, deposit some and learn the real risk involved in the game. You will never learn anything valuable or make some good profits by being a freeloader.

2) High Risk Works:

Yes, high risk works but it only works when you have free money to do that. With real deposit most likely you will hit that risky win once you have lost enough balance already chasing for that big win.

I am not saying that you must not take risk but taking high risk is not healthy at all for your balance. You might be lucky once or twice but its extremely rare that you will profit most of the time.

You might end up chasing for that high payout for several thousand bets and still it might not show up. So high risk is only good with free money but with your own deposit money its best to avoid it. Do not get yourself stuck in a recovery game chasing the high payouts.

3) Playing Carelessly and Recklessly:

When playing with free money one can be careless, reckless and still win as there is no strings attached.

The main problem is that when you deposit and try to do the same, you will definitely lose as you will be definitely attached emotionally to what you deposit. Do not translate your carefree and reckless play style with your deposit money you will definitely lose it all.

When you are depositing your hard earned money, at least be responsible. Take some time to calculate your bets so that you do not end up busting too early and that the fun last longer.

Profits are not that important but if you are good at it, you definitely make some profits while having some fun at the same time.

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