Not setting limit will make you lose big.

Not setting limit will make you lose big.

Crypto gambling sites provably fair system are designed such that it will only payout a certain portion of every bets and keep a portion of it.

The payoffs is also made random so that you cannot predict when a particular outcome will happen. You might have observed this when you played on any game like dice, roulette, etc.
In roulette when you place a bet on black, red will come up again and again after that black will popup out of nowhere when you just change your bet to red. Why this happen is the house trying to cheat you. No its not doing anything fishy its just how random works. You cannot predict the outcome.

What to do then?

Set a limit. Setting a limit is the only thing that will prevent you from busting big.

How to set limit?

You need to consider this two, both are the key.

1) Max streak of loss:

Its a collective system and if you bet on the same outcome as other persons. You all are betting for the same payoff and only a portion of the entire bets will win.

Its like a giant room where every one betting on a particular same outcome are grouped together and only a portion of them will win. So the more number of persons betting on a particular outcome the lesser your chance of winning.

So you should stop once you go above a certain streak of loss. The outcome is not always in your favor.

Like in roulette lets say if red comes up more than ten times when you place your bet on black. You stop betting and come back to play after sometime.

2) Max bet:

The provably fair system will only payout proportionately to your balance. Any bets that make you win close to 50% of the balance or more you have will make you lose 90% of the time. Here the balance you have right now is counted not what you have lost before betting is taken in to account.

Some people think that if they just lose big they will win but sadly that's not how it works. What you have just lost or win does not matter much. What you have now is what that counts.

In the image above the payout is 3, balance is 10000 and increase on loss is 55%. The best time to stop your bets if you are betting in auto is at 12th or 13th roll the 14th roll will sure be a loss 90% of the time. You will also be left with less than 20% of your balance which will make it even more harder to win back what you have lost.

What you have when you make that particular bet matter not what you have lose before. So make sure you do set a max bet. Use the calculators that are available here to calculate all your bets. Its better to take precaution before losing than taking precaution after losing.

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