2 Key elements for winning with Negative Progression.

How to properly use negative progressions.

Negative progressions system ( increasing bet amount after every loss): Martingale System, D’Alembert System, Labouchere System and Fibonacci System although the most profitable gambling system can be dangerous if not used properly.

If you are suffering a series of losses in a row the bet amount can get significantly bigger and bigger. You must have sufficient balance to handle a long losing streak if you want to be in profit by using negative progressions.

The two key elements for winning with negative progression are:

1) Balance:

Balance is key if you are going to play with negative progression. High balance provides you with the safety net that you need when you suffer a long losing streak.

Just doubling your balance makes you almost 50% more safer. So always make sure you have enough balance before playing on negative progression. The other way is also true if you just have half of the balance needed its 50% more risky.

If you can increase your balance to a sufficient amount negative progression has almost the same safety that positive progression (increasing on every win and betting the starting bet on losing.) and flat betting provides( keeping the bet same throughout the betting.) with potential big payoffs that none of the other system can match.

2) Bet sizing:

Your starting bet amount must be kept such that you make the most profit and at the same time you must set it such that it can too handle the long losing streak when you increase on loss.

Do not make it just the minimum that you only recover losses. Set it such that you recover slightly more than the amount you lost. This will help you to ensure that your balance build up as you continue betting.

Always recalculate your bets when you have doubled your initial balance.

Emotional discipline matter too. Always remember to take a break during long sessions and to stop when you are ahead.

Hope this helps you in winning more.

Note: There is max bet or profit limits set by the house so be aware of that too if you are going to play with big balance. For most normal players it won't be an issue.

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