Does Randomizing Seeds Help?

Is randomizing seed the solution when losing.

Many players playing on crypto gambling sites have the common belief that randomizing seeds will solve all the problems. Here is a simple reference hope it clears all your doubts.

Lets suppose, you are playing on 1% chance and you have 1000 reds in a row, and you randomize your seed. After this what is the guarantee that you will not have another 1000 reds in a row on the new seed.

The seeds and the Random Number Generator (RNG) are very similar to a physical dice.

When you're trying to throw exactly 6. You can throw less than 6, 100 times in a row using the dice you have right now.

Would switching to another new dice will ensure that you throw a 6 within the next 100 rolls?

- No, it has no effect on the outcome at all.

Using another totally different dice you still have the same chance of throwing a 6 just like on the other dice that you tried before and got no luck on even after several attempts.

Another new dice does not ensure that you get 6 within the next 100 rolls. Your odds to win always remain the same.

When you are playing on any chance to win, you ALWAYS have that chance to win on all your bets. Your first bet, you have that chance to win and the same goes for other bets too after that.

Wining or losing does not change anything you will always have the same chance of winning on all your bets.

Winning 100 bets in a row on the same seed, does not change anything for the next roll you still have the same chance to win on the next bet.

If you have lost several bets in a row, used multiple seeds, switched high/low, made a deal with the devil and prayed non stop for a year to make you win, your winning chance on the next bet will never change.

The provably fair RNG and the seeds have nothing to do with your luck or your odds.

They are there to maintain transparency between the player and the gambling site. Players can know if a site is cheating and this ensures that the site does not cheat.

Changing seeds for better luck is about as effective as holding your thumbs while clicking roll.

Hope it clears all your doubts regarding randomizing seed and you will never rely on randomizing seeds for better luck next time.

If you are not winning on a particular winning chance change it try on a new one. Do not lose all your balance just trying to hit a win on that winning chance.

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