Road Map to Making 1 Bitcoin in 100 Days.

Road Map to making 1 Bitcoin in 100 Days.
One bitcoin sure seems a lot when you have to get it suddenly but when its broken down to smaller bits its not that big.

Julia Carney's immortal lines (from her poem, Little Things) that you all might be familiar with " Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land. So the little minutes, Humble though they be, Make the mighty ages of eternity. "

Its the little things that when combined together manages to pull off a compound effect as the great Albert Einstein once said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.

The house has been pulling this off quite well for far too long they do not need to cheat or do anything unethical.

Just the House Edge is beating almost all player's for decades. They are certain that for every certain amount of bet they will definitely make that portion of the house edge as profit. Win or loss is just another game.

So lets get back to the main question: How do I manage to win 1 bitcoin in 100 Days?

Depending on some factors which are out of our control it might take more or less. But still it will be definitely a lot more than what you have started with in 100 Days. If you manage to pull it off well and stick to the game plan.

First before we proceed with the simple plan lets get some basic straight first.

*** Do not just sit down and start gambling.

Before you even start gambling you must decide this three things. Most of people that lose it all even after winning big does not have this three things in order.

(i) A Game Plan.

Make your own game plan. Perfect it till you have the best game plan. Gambling without a game plan is like throwing all your money down the drain.

Do not have a plan yet create one: 5 Simple Steps to Make Your Own Gambling System.

(ii) How much you are going to risk.

Deciding how much you are willing to risk keeps your emotions under control.

See Also: How to properly manage risk!

(iii) When will you quit the game.

It's hard to walk away from a winning streak, even harder to leave when you're on a losing one. So knowing exactly when to quit the game will save you from this unnecessary stress.

Now lets proceed with the road map of making 1 Bitcoin in 100 Days.

Here are the simple things to be noted:

1) Starting Balance:

Your starting balance is very important. Higher balance means more safety and the less risk you need to take to get there. So try to have at least a minimum amount of 0.001 BTC balance.

If you have about 0.5 BTC you do not need to risk a lot and you can safely achieve your goal of 1 Bitcoin by making less than 1% Daily which is not that hard to do.

2) Base Bet and Increase on loss:

Proper base bet and increase on loss are very important on whichever game you are gambling on. If you set them properly you can continue to play on for quite some time and make good profits too.

When you enter your starting balance and the winning chance it will automatically be shown.

Here the increase on loss is percentage of the balance that you will need to raise on the next bet to recover the previous loss and to make some profit too.

See Also: How to properly Set Up Auto bets.

3) Losing Streak:

If you play on a particular game for quite sometime you might have get a rough idea that how much losing streak comes most of the time.

One thing about losing streak is that there is nothing fixed about it and most of the time when a long losing streak comes it only stops when you have nothing left. So it always wise to stop when a certain threshold of losing streak comes.

Some additional Guidelines:

1) Breakdown the daily target:

There will be a daily target that you will need to achieve everyday to reach the 1 Bitcoin in 100 Days.  Try to break it down to smaller amount that you can achieve easily.

Like if you have to make about 10K Satoshi break it down to like 2K Satoshi and try to make that 5 times. Its lot safer to do like that than to rush till 10K all at once and lose your balance.

2) It does not need to be bitcoin only:

If you have only a few amount of bitcoin it will be better to exchange it to other lower value cryptos so that you have a bigger amount to play with.

Also its the same you achieve the daily target goal on that crypto or on bitcoin you will still have 1 bitcoin at the end of 100 Days.

3) Patience, Consistency and Game Plan:

Your patience, doing it daily ( consistency) and your game plan is very important. Do not try to fall back from them. When you fall back you are in some one's else ( house ) game plan and you really won't like that to be the case.

4) Never Rush or Chase Loss:

Rushing only makes you lose more, try to go at a reasonable speed. And never be in the recovering loss mode. Whatever you have now is your starting balance. You try to make plans according to it and try to grow it.

Loss and Win are both part of the game. Do not let loss or win get into your head just stick to your game plan.

Get the Road Map here: ( Copy or Download it to edit. Option available under File Menu)

“I’ve learned the lesson that the worst thing that can happen to a gambler is to let his recent losses or wins knock him off keel emotionally.” Andrew Beyer

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