Using Player's Edge to beat the House Edge.

Using player edge to beat the house edge.
Everyone gambling might have already known that the house has an edge over the player ( house edge ) but only a few player gambling does know their edge over the house.

In actual practice only a few player use the player's edge to their advantage.

In this post we will discuss about all the player's edge, how do we use the player's edge to our advantage to beat the house edge.

The Player's edge over the house are:

1) When losing you can quit:

On a bad day you can lose a lot but you do have the flexibility to quit when you are losing. Have a stop loss whenever you cross that limit stop immediately. You can always win back another day.

The house cannot do that if someone breaks their bankroll there is hardly anything they can do at that.

2) When winning you can stop and cash out:

Its always a wise choice to stop and cash out while winning. Rarely a few does it and lose all their wins and even their money too.

The house is hoping for you to continue playing so they can take everything from you. Stop while ahead and cash out your wins. Its the best way to beat the house.

3) You have the ultimate power:

You can decide which games to play, where and when to play. Pick only the games that has the best payoffs and better chance of winning.

If a particular crypto gambling site is not working well for you, you can always play somewhere else. Do not be trapped on one site chasing your loss. You have lots of options use it to your advantage to keep winning.

4) You can make changes to your strategy:

Flexibility is the key here. Be flexible and make modification and changes to your strategy whenever needed.

If you keep doing what you are always doing, you will keep getting the same results. You cannot plant a mango seed and expect an apple tree to grow.

Some payouts will do well on some days and on some days drain all your funds. Be flexible to make changes whenever needed.

5) You can come up with a game plan:

Having a game plan provides you with an extra edge over the house. The house has been offering the same game for ages, rules are the same everyday.

Build your perfect winning game plan such that you can minimize the house edge to as low as possible.

Once you have a winning plan stick to it and only make changes when is most necessary.

6) You do not need to win all:

Size your bets such that one or two wins will make you win more than what you have lost. Do not get too greedy.

The house is waiting for you to leave your game plan and end up in their game plan which is designed to drain your funds in the shortest possible time.

Stop immediately once your emotions get hold of you. Too much fear and too much greed are both equally dangerous.

Aim for a reasonable profit daily and never chase loses.

Hope this helps you in using the Player's Edge fully to your advantage to beat the house.
“The majority of casino players leave too much to chance when playing in a casino. To put it bluntly, they don’t have a clue as to how to play.” – Henry Tamburin

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