Why low and high risk are both equally risky?

Low and high risk are the same.Most of the players in crypto gambling sites think that its best and safe to play at low risk but its not so.

Play in low risk is equally as risky as playing in high risk. One will put you out after a series of reds while the other will put you out in just a few reds in a row. So both is equally risky.

Lets say suppose you are playing on:

1) High risk of 5% winning chance which has a multiplier of 19.80X

Here the minimum increase on loss is 6 % and the max you can last is a few hundred of rolls. When there is a big fluctuation which happens after a long play you will lost everything.

When the amount gets big your chance to win also gets lowered more and more as the provably fair only pays out a proportionate amount of your balance.

2) Low risk with a 95% winning chance which has a multiplier of 1.04X

In this situation the increase on loss is 2500% minimum for you to recover your loss in auto bet, its not possible to continue this for long even at the safest bets. Max you can last is 4 to 5 red and the profit is almost negligible.

Either way you will get busted so do not play too safe or too risky. One gets you out of the game in few big blows the other will get you out of the game in a series of small blows.

This get even more multiplied when you play on the lowest possible 1.01X and the max possible multiplier 99X or even more in some.

So its not at all safe to play on both low and high risk. Try placing bets where the multiplier is anywhere from 2X to 10X they usually gets the best results.

“I’ve learned the lesson that the worst thing that can happen to a gambler is to let his recent losses or wins knock him off keel emotionally.”
Andrew Beyer

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