How setting small goals makes you win more?

Most of the people gambling set unrealistic goals most of the time like 2X and more in the shortest time span possible. This impatient nature make them lose more and more.

No one has ever won by playing the chasing game. You will sink in more and more like getting yourself stuck in a quick sand.

How to win in this game of chance?

Set small goals. The house has been beating players for years with the 1% house edge in crypto gambling sites.

Why not set even smaller goal than that like 0.5% of your balance as profit after this you take a break for a while. Think long term instead of short term like the house.
The secret to winning big is aiming for the most small wins.
If you have higher balance try to reduce it to 0.25% or less as the site might think something fishy is going on if you are making too much profit and the outcome might not be favorable for you.

If you have a lower balance you can aim for more like 1%, keep it max at 1% its the safest.

Benefits of setting small goals:

1) Quick wins:

As the goals are small and easily achievable, you will win it quickly.

2) Less risk:

You do not need to take unnecessary risk which you normally take when have a big goal.

3) Stress free:

Win happens most of the time than loss so you will not end up stressing yourself. Definitely you will enjoy the game instead of getting stressed.

4) You win more:

Playing in more fun and entertaining, which brings you in the zone and make you win more and more.

5) Less play time:

Chasing losses rarely happens as you have a small achievable goal which you will hit 90% of the time. Most of the time is wasted on recovery if you have nothing to do with recovery you play less.

Plus you get to spend more time on the things that matter like some quality time with your loved one instead of getting stuck in front of the screen all day trying to make recovery of the totally stupid bet that you have made.

So next time when you play do yourself and the ones that matter to you a favor.

* Set small goals.

100 $ can be made from ten 10$ bills, hundred 1$ bills or two hundred 50 cents coins. All have the same value once you collect it all. Its definitely a lot easier and less stressful to make 50 cents then trying to make 10$.

Try to break down your big earning goal to multiple small goals.

The end goal is the only thing that matters and its up to you to decide whether you are going to reach there completely stressed out or calmly enjoying the ride fully.

If you just make even 5% daily which is pretty easy if you know the game in crypto gambling sites you will close to making almost more than 60% of your initial balance in just 10 days. If its 25% daily by breaking it down to just 0.25-1% profit per session its close to almost a 900% profit in 10 days.

You cannot win by doing what all the others are doing. You will just get the same results as them.

Do something different, set small achievable goals. As your account balance gets bigger and bigger the more you are going to earn.

Avoid reckless play unless you have a crypto farm that mines you more daily than you lose daily & you are just playing for entertainment.

If you are using your hard earned money to buy those cryptos use it wisely and try your best to make it more.

“I’ve learned the lesson that the worst thing that can happen to a gambler is to let his recent losses or wins knock him off keel emotionally.”
Andrew Beyer

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