How to control greed in crypto gambling?

Simple way to control greed in gambling.
Greed is the only thing you need to control when you are gambling.

Most of the games in crypto gambling sites are simple games. The games are so simple that even a 1-2 year old can play and win.

You do not need to be a mathematician or scientist to learn how to place bets on roulette, play mines, dice, etc. Its pretty basic game. With a very simple strategy you can win too.

But why it happens that we are in loss most of the time?

The number one main reason is our greed.

Here are some of the things that goes along when greed is driving you:

1) No clue when to stop:

We really have no clue when its enough. There will be no pop up message flashing on the site like the ones that comes up when you bust your entire balance, "Dear player you have made a lot for today. Please come back again tomorrow so your funds are safe and you do not lose it."

2) Testing luck to limits:

What happens to most that when they are in a winning streak is that they keep on pushing hard till their luck runs out. In game of chance luck is important too to win. All the games are totally based on random number generation algorithms and provably fair system.

Lets take for example the roulette game which has a single 0, the odds of landing on 0 is 1 in 37.

No matter how many bets you place or how big amount you place, the odds are not going to change that's why is said in game of chance you need some luck too.

3) No Bankroll Management:

Bankroll Management is completely absent. Which is the only thing that put your greed in check.

4) Raising Stake/Bet Madly:

One mistake almost everyone do is that they raise stake/bet too much and too often. There is no faster invitation to greed than raising stake/bet too fast. Without proper plan raising stakes/bets can be extremely risky to your balance.

One best thing to do so that you be sure that you do not raise stake/bet madly is to only raise them when you have doubled your initial balance until then everything remains the same.

How do you control your greed then?

Have a game plan mapped out already before you sit down and even start gambling. That's the only way you can put your greed under control.

Here is a 6 simple step process to make your own game plan:

Making your own crypto gambling plan.

How to make an easier transition?

It might be hard to practice in the first week or two. The best way to handle this will be you set aside a portion of your balance to satisfy your greed and test all the crazy bets there.

Two separate accounts is the best way to go. Another way around is to distribute them in two cryptos.

One will be your greedy account/crypto and the other your safe & reliable account/crypto

What this will do is that it will provide with some extra boost to make it easier to move on with the safer and reliable game plan.

Also you can use your portion of your profits too to replenish your greed account when it runs dry which will happen quite a lot.

Greed is a fat demon with a small mouth and whatever you feed it is never enough. Janwillem Van De Wetering

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