Free Bitcoin and Free Dogecoin Review with best safe strategy to win more.

Best safe strategy for free bitcoin and dogecoin.
Free bitcoin and Free dogecoin are both really good sites to get some free bitcoin and dogecoin by just claiming the faucet with no annoying ads that the other free faucet claiming sites do. If you are interested in earning from faucet.

One of the best part of these two sites is that you too can play on multiply game ( same as dice game ) to multiply your bitcoin and dogecoin even more by playing on a safe strategy. Also it works like a faucet site too so free money every hour.

Free bitcoin has tons of other stuffs too like daily interest payment on your balance, lottery, reward points and contest. Reward points you can use to purchase from rewards store. You get free reward points and lottery tickets every hour.

If you have not yet signed up for them do sign up:

Here are some things to keep in mind before playing on multiply game:

1) The house edge is 5% unlike most of the crypto gambling sites which is 1% only.

2) Odds is same as payout or multiplier. If you set odds 2 means you are playing on 2x Payout or Multiplier.

Rest is the same.

How to play safely then?

You have two options to play on it, auto bet and manual bet. Auto bet is for those who has at least a minimum of 0.0005 BTC / 100 DOGE and manual bet anyone can play.

Pick one direction during any session and stick with it so if you play on HI you play HI all the time. If LO then LO always do not change it.

1) Auto bet:

Here is the proper way to set up the auto bet.

(i) Odds:

Pick between 2.2 - 3.5. These are the best odds range to play on.

(ii) Base bet:

Set a low base bet. 

Base bet = Balance/100000,

Use minimum if the base bet is lower than the minimum.

(iii) Increase on loss:

A slight increase of like 5% on the minimum increase on loss

For any payout minimum increase on loss use our: Bet calculator.

2) Manual bet:

Play with more safety as the odds of losing are higher than normal.

To properly play manual bet follow this:

1) Base bet:

0.25 to 0.5% of your balance as bet amount.

2) Odds:

Play on the odds between 1.2 to 1.4.

3) Nature of betting:

Do flat betting (bet amount same almost all the time).

When to increase the bets?

Odds 1.2-1.3 after 2 losses and odds above that 4 losses in a row increase your bet amount.

If you do not win even after 6 losses in a row change odds and start from the beginning.

Go slowly and bet patient till you have a good amount. If you rush initially you will lose it all.

Best option is to claim the faucet till you have enough amount for safe play.


This two sites are different in their own unique ways and if you play the same like you use to play on other sites you will definitely lose more.

Should you deposit and play?

I would highly not recommend it, its good as a faucet site and for testing your luck ( rewards and lottery is there too). There are many other crypto gambling sites which have a much lower house edge so its best to play on them.

We are dealing with probabilities even a slight extra edge of 1.5% add up a lot after many bets.  If you must play, play with extra caution and safety.

Here is the full list of all:  Best crypto gambling sites.

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