How to Overcome Martingale Limitations.

Guide to overcoming martingale limitations.
Martingale is widely used system by most gambling, knowingly or unknowingly of its limitations.

The Major Limitations of Martingale Are:

1) Limits:

You can only raise or double your bets up to a certain limit before you either hit the house max bet limit or max profit limit or run out of funds.

2) Underestimating Losing/Winning Streaks:

Most that gamble underestimate the likeliness of losing/winning streaks. Its pretty common to have winning streaks and losing streaks in any game of chance. It can be simple as a coin toss, a roulette game or blackjack. When you play, you will get a good idea of how often you are right in a row or wrong in a row.

Most that gamble using martingale bet low and just try to make back what they have loss which is pretty much a recipe for disaster. Breaking the bankroll just to recover the initial bet amount is not a good idea at all which most of the time happen when playing on martingale.

Martingale is very much flawed from the start as its only designed with the recovery mindset and not with a goal of making proper profits.

How to Overcome Martingale Limitations?

Here are some of the ways you can overcome it:

1) Add Elements From Other Gambling Systems:

Bring in the elements of from other gambling system other than martingale such as Reverse Martingale ( Paroli ), Labouchere, D'Alembert, Fibonacci, etc and mix it with the martingale system.

Like flat betting on losing streak, not increasing bet immediately after a loss, etc are some of the elements that you can integrate into martingale from other gambling system.

2) Take Advantage of Winning Streaks:

Winning Streaks are very common on low multipliers. Even on 2x,3x there is quite a lot of winning streaks.

If you do not take advantage of it and just flat betting you are losing out a lot of potential winnings. So take the advantage of winning streaks.

3) Set Limits:

There is always a ceiling or limit it may be your funds or the house max bet limit or max profit limit so setting limits is must if you are going to use martingale.

Do not raise bets beyond a certain number of losses in a row. Once you reach that limit either stick with flat betting till you win or  start from the beginning. Its always wise to take some little loss than to suffer a heavy one.

4) Aim For More Profits:

Its not at all a wise choice to go only for the initial bet amount as profit

If you loss $1 at least try to make back $1.1 on the next bet as profit as you are going to risk more than what you have risked.

5) Do Not Chase The Same Thing For Too Long:

Most playing on martingale forget that its just a random outcome and they chase for the same thing for far too long than needed.

If the ball is not landing on Red on the Roulette Wheel for far too many times in a row. It does not guarantee that the next time it will land on Red, it can still land on Black or Green.

Be flexible to change what you are chasing if its not showing up for a while. Nothing is fixed in game of chance, past outcome does not relate to future outcome. Who knows you might get lucky or win when you change it.

6) Do Not Bet Too Small:

It might be tempting to bet small and risk little but its not always the case. Even small bet amounts after a while do reach big amounts when you increase it on every losing bets which normally happens when you bet for too long.

So start with a reasonable bet amount like 0.1-1% of your balance, use some proper strategy and make some quick profits. Even if you lose some in the process its better to lose earlier than later when you wasted too many hours building it up with small meagre gains.

Martingale alone is not a complete system and if you only rely on it you will never win. Make it a complete system bring in the good elements from other gambling system with proper bankroll and risk management. Its necessary to create your own gambling system if you want to win.

Everything said some luck is do needed, if you are having a bad day do not make it worse. You can always win back it all and even more the next day.

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