Using Provably Fair System for Advantage.

Advantages of Provably Fair.
Provably Fair System is the back bone for all crypto gambling sites. In this system there are two main components are client seed and server seed. Client seed you can provide or with the randomise option set a new one. The server seed you can only randomise. Until the bet is completed there is no option for you to know the server seed it will be only shown in the form of a server seed hash to you before the bet is placed or you reveal it.

The server seed and the client seed combined together with the nonce number in those sites that have the nonce numbering will generate a roll number or outcome. You can cross check the server seed hash before and after the bets when the server seed is revealed to see that it was the exact server hash that was shown to you before the bet or not. It will be same all the time so there is no need to bother with the verification part.

Can the site know all your rolls in advance?

Yes, the site knows all your rolls in advance if you are using the same client seed on every bet and does not change it. If you set a new client seed on your own, until you place the bet the site does not know that client seed.

Does it help to randomise seed on every bet or too often?

It does not help at all to randomise on every bet or too often, too much randomness will not provide a consistent outcome.

How to use the provably fair system for your advantage?

TIP 1) Make only a few bets:

Most of the time when you start the results are very positive and you will win most of the time. As more and more number of bets progress the losing streak will slowly increase to balance the earlier winning streaks with the losing streaks.

TIP 2) Got a bad streak early do not change seed:

Most commonly what most do when they got a long losing streak early is that they randomise seed. This is one of the worst mistake to make usually after a bad streak early usually a good winning streak follows. It pretty much balance itself.

You have to change seed before that bad losing streak show up but if the bad losing streak do come up there is no point in changing as the rest of the outcomes will work out pretty much in your favour.

TIP 3) Do not keep using the same seed or change too often:

Using the same seed for too long only guarantees long losing streaks its the law of large numbers. ( According to the law, the average of the results obtained from a large number of trials should be close to the expected value, and will tend to become closer as more trials are performed. )

Changing the seed too often will only worsen the outcomes as you are relying on a new random number generation too often and most of the time it does not give consistent results.

10,000-100,000 bets is a good range to change your seed. If you prefer to play on high payouts you can stick with the same seed for long but if you play on low payouts or multiplier using the same seed for too long is not good, specially for those that love playing on auto bets on low multipliers.

TIP 4) Switch Directions or Change Payouts:

If a particular roll direction or payout is coming up too often than average switch direction or change payouts.

Play randomly you will be lucky most of the time, if you stick with the same strategy again and again you will definitely lose when the number stops showing up as it has already shown up too often.

TIP 5) Never play with max losing streak in mind:

If you are going to play for the max losing streak you will never make any profit instead play with the average long losing streak in mind. Anything above the average losing streak stop your bets and start from the beginning.

Its easy to recover 10-20% loss but its hard to recover more than 50% loss.

You might be waiting for the long losing streak to end but it might never end.

Random numbers are not in every one's control so stop if its not working out in your favour, start over.

Some of the common misconceptions?

1) If I bet big I lose:

Its not because that you bet big that you lose its a randomly generated number add your own client seed if you think that the site is rigged. You have equal chances to winning every bet.

2) Randomising Seed Helps:

Randomising seed have a very little impact most of the time. If you believe randomising seeds will outweigh your poor strategy you will only lose more and more.

If you have a good gambling system there is no need to change seeds at all.

3) I can go all in now:

Avoid this no matter what the outcome was before and even you have a 98% winning and you have lost 3 times in a row. If that one bet is the one that will land on that 2 % winning chance again you are doomed.

The numbers are distributed randomly so you can only can never predict what the numbers will be next, the best you can do is select the range such that you lose on some and win on some but at the end you have some profit.

Use our dice game test to find it out on your own. Find out how much numbers you predicted right.

What do you do to use the Provably Fair System to your advantage?

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