Why its important to calculate your bets?

To win you must calculate your bets.
Not everyone likes to calculate their bets. Personally I am not a fan too of calculating my bets. But its very important to calculate your bets if you want to win in gambling.

You do not need to be a mathematician or good at maths to calculate your bets. Even the simple calculator on your pc or mobile device can be used to calculate your bets quite well.

Why its important to calculate your bets?

If you want to win and you are not gambling just for entertainment or time pass than you must definitely need to calculate your bets. Without calculations you will always end up losing most of the time.

The Main Reasons Are:

1) House Edge:

The house has already set up their mathematical advantage or house edge already into every game and if you do not set up some advantage of your own, you are guaranteed to lose.

Flat betting will not work as you will be always losing the house edge on every bet. So its important that you rely on some calculations so that you do not at least end up losing what you bet at the end of the day.

2) Uncertainty of the Game:

Game of chance by its nature is highly uncertain no matter how hard you try you will never be able to predict or know the next outcome.

You always have the same chance of winning every bet and past outcome does not relate to future outcome.

3) Emotions:

Emotions can easily over power you in this game. Properly calculating your bets in advance will help you avoid your emotions from getting the best of you.

How to calculate your bets?

Most people stick with simple martingale because of its simplicity but we all know, simple martingale never works.

To properly calculate your bets you must include these three key elements:

1) Proper Bet Sizing:

In any condition no matter how favourable the outcome is never bet more than 25% of your balance in any bet.

1-2% of your balance as the bet amount is a good amount to stick to.

If you are going to use auto bets, you must never set base bet more than 0.01% of your balance and increase on loss must be at least 10% more than the minimum increase on loss.

Always set a limit that you will stop increasing your bets on, without that never bother with auto bets.

You can also use our bet calculator to work out your bets: Bet Calculator.

2) Bankroll and Risk Management:

If you have a proper bankroll and risk management in place, you will rarely run out of balance.

If you risk a certain percentage of your balance and not make more than what you risked as profit you will never going to win at the end.

Try to maintain at least a 1:1 ratio so that you never end up in a loss.

Do not confuse bankroll and balance. Bankroll is what you have in total and balance is what you have in the site that you are gambling on. You must never put in more than 25% of your bankroll into any crypto gambling site.

Having that extra bankroll set aside will definitely boost your confidence and save you when you get hit by unlucky streaks.

3) Reasonable Goal:

If you do not set a reasonable goal and always aim too high or too low. You will always be in the red zone. Save yourself from all the unnecessary stress and set a reasonable goal.

5-20% Profit daily is quite a reasonable goal to stick too.

Doubling is not that hard in a month when you manage to achieve 5% daily target.

Its not all roses and no thrones game, wining and losing will happen. Its how you ride your wins and get yourself up when losing that's going to decide that you are really going to win or lose at the end.

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