Using dice bot for complex strategies.

Using dice bot for complex strategies.
The auto bet feature in most of the dice crypto gambling sites is pretty basic. Dice bot comes to the rescue. Whatever you can think of you can code directly into this bot and let it execute it.

Of course you cannot do what the sites does not allow but whatever you can do in the manual mode you can do it a lot faster in dice bot by programming the bot.

Some of the things that you can do are:

1) Changing win chance or bet amount or increase on loss - every bet/win/loss/streak of loss/win.

2) Randomising seed, setting stop points, withdrawing profits or pausing the bets for a while,...

Whatever you can think of you can code into the bot, test it and perfect it.

How to use dice bot?

1) Download dice bot here: Download dice bot.

2) Extract all the contents.

3) Once finished extracting. Open the folder and find dicebot.exe and then run it.

4) Select the site that you want to run dice bot on. If the site offer more than one currency select the currency too that you want to play on.

Here are some of the best dice crypto gambling sites you can run dice bot on:

5) Now log in to the site by entering the username, password/api key and 2fa if enabled. Then clicking login.

6) Dice bot has three settings mode on which you can run the bot on:

a) Basic mode - Basic similar to the auto bets of most crypto gambling sites.

b) Advanced mode - This is where you can experiment with almost all the features that dice bot has to offer.

c) Programmer mode - This is where you make use of dice bot to fully. Anything that you want, you can code it here. Dice bot scripts can be coded in lua which is pretty basic programming language.

Select your preferred mode that you want to run it on.

7) Fill in the bet amount, win chance, increase on loss or win and then start betting.

If you are in the programmer mode. Follow this:

(i) Paste the script in the code tab.
(ii) Click on the console tab after pasting the script then type in start() then press the enter key to start the bets and when you want to stop the bets type in stop() followed by enter key to stop the bets.

Using dice bot is allowed by all the sites that are listed in dice bot so there will be no issues arising from using the bot.

If you have a good strategy that you want to code into a script on dice bot you can contact me :)

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