Best alternatives to supplement crypto gambling.

Ways to make more crypto.
Crypto gambling sure is risky and you can lose it all too. Here are some of the best alternative ways you can use to grow your crypto portfolio along with crypto gambling.

1) Investing:

Investing or hodling is a good way to build your crypto portfolio. What you need is find those crypto that has potential for great returns in the near future and wait till it happens. Here patience is the key, if you are investing on really good cryptos it can surely multiply your initial investment by many times.

As an investor you do not watch the price action, you look out for what developments are going on in that crypto. Doing so will save you from all the speculative decisions that you will take.

Do a deep research and analysis before investing in any crypto and once you invest keep in a cold storage or official wallets if it does not support cold storage yet.

The ICO phase for a crypto is a good time to invest in that crypto as the return potential is high and so do the risk are. Avoid them until you have become a seasoned investor and have extra funds to spare.

*Never leave your invested cryptos on an exchange, it sure is the easiest way but also the fastest way to get involved in speculative selling too.

2) Trading:

Trading is totally different from investing and do not mix them. If you are buying and selling too often you are trading and not investing.

You can practice any one of the following scalping, day, swing or position trading. Depending on upon your knowledge and preference.

Do not open any trade just to satisfy your desire to trade only enter when you have a good chance of turning profit that will save you from all the unnecessary losses.

For crypto trading Binance, Bittrex, Poloneix, KuCoin are some of the best exchanges you can use to trade.

Poloniex use code: 7ATXTB9A to earn 10% back on your trading fees.

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If you are into leverage trading and contracts. Bitmex is the best one

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3) Staking and Master node:

Staking is another good way to slowly build your crypto portfolio with POS cryptos. Returns are fixed annually so very good for passive income. Some cryptos does need to keep the wallet always online for staking to happen and some additional requirements are there too in some cases so do a proper research before you start staking any crypto.

Master node is for the big investors and it pays of well if you manage to run one. Usually more complex process than staking.

Some of the cryptos that are good for staking are neo, reddcoin, komodo,.. many more are there too.

One of the best site for staking that I have found recently is stake cube here you can really experience staking with very low amount of cryptos. Daily Faucet, airdrops and many more features too.

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4) Mining:

Mining is the hard way to grow your crypto portfolio. Mining ROIs are declining gradually but still good investment if you are planning for the long term.

If you are going to mine on your own its a complex process an easier alternative is cloud mining.

Genesis mining is the most reliable one you can use if you want to invest in cloud mining. Using it for a long time and its very good.

Use the discount code: 3WEwg7 for 3% discount on your purchase of any contract there.

Want to learn more ways to earn cryptos for free. Check out: Build your crypto gambling bankroll for free.

This are some of the ways that you can use other than gambling to build your crypto portfolio.

Do not rush everything has a learning curve, if you rush you are only going to make mistakes which will definitely deplete your crypto portfolio faster.

Take small baby steps at a time once you become an expert you will no longer need to rely on other income sources. Crypto has a lot of potential to change your future.

Here are some of the ways to avoid:

1) Investing in HYIPs:

Never ever invest in any online high yielding investment sites. They will pay out for only a few weeks before they close it all down.

You have more chance winning from gambling then from investing in those sites.

2) Quick Profits:

Many will approach you with quick profit schemes avoid them at all cost. If its too good to be true then its definitely a scam. Avoid it completely.

3) Blind trust:

Do not trust someone blindly with your crypto assets. Crypto transfers once done is unrecoverable so do the transfer wisely.

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