Comparison Consistent Vs Risky Gambling.

Which one is better consistent or risky gambling?
While gambling we have two choices either be consistent and make consistent profits or take risk and either win big or lose it all.

In this post I am going to compare both of them along with benefits and drawbacks of each.

Consistent Gambling:

In consistent gambling what you do is you try to earn a certain fixed percent of your balance daily. It can be any percentage that you are comfortable to earn daily.

A good knowledge of the game and proper bankroll management is very important to keep winning consistently in gambling.


1) Less Risk:

Risk is going to be very less as you are going to bet on low risky bets.

2) Almost Predictable Earning:

If you are consistent gambler, you surely will be able to almost predict how much profit you will almost make in a day.


1) You need to gamble daily:

To be consistent you must gamble almost daily. Which means you must set a specific time daily for gambling.

2) Less Earning:

As you are going to make less risky bets your earnings will be lesser.

House edge will definitely eat up most of your earnings too.

Risky Gambling:

In gambling we get rewarded for taking risk. In risky gambling you hope for the best case scenario and place big bets.

Either you win big or lose it all. You must be prepared to lose it all as its more likely to happen.


1) High Earning:

If you win you will definitely win big.

2) Quick Sessions:

The game play sessions will be quick as we are going to make big bets on low winning chance.

House edge will not impact much on your earning as you are going to play very few number of bets.


1) High Risk:

Chances of you losing all your balance is highly likely.

2) Luck is key:

Without luck by your side winning will definitely be hard.

Which one do you think is better? Do you prefer one or both?

A gambler plays even
when the odds are
immutable and against him.
Roger “Lou Krieger” Lubin

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