Quarter Bankroll Method for Safe Play.

Qaurter bankroll method for low risk gambling.
Most of the losses in crypto gambling happens when you bet more than a quarter of your balance as the bet amount. In this method what we are going to do is minimize the losses by simply adopting a simple game play strategy.

I have been personally using this method for a while and the results are very good.

How we are going to do this?

We are going to think that we only have a quarter of our balance to play with.

Lets say suppose, you have 1 LTC as balance you are going to think that you only have 0.25 LTC and work out your bets according to that.

So whatever balance you have divided by 4 is your quarter bankroll.

You can play in any mode manual or auto but you only play with that quarter balance as the bankroll for gambling.

Why this method works?

1) Room for error:

Playing with only 25% of your bankroll provides the extra room for more bets when the long losing streak comes up and also makes your more safe when you make some mistakes in your bets.

2) Low Risk:

Risk is lower as you are only going to work out your bets according to 25%. If something unexpected happens you can be sure that your balance will not be all gone.

Also you will not place that big bets which you will have otherwise placed when you gamble using 100% of your bankroll as the entire gambling bankroll.

Some other things to keep in mind:

1) Do not gamble all day:

You cannot gamble all day and hope that you will win. You will definitely lose it all. Play for an hour max take a break and then play again. Do not try to gamble more than 4 hours a day. Its not safe at all.

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2) Set proper base bet and increase on loss in auto bets:

Almost all the loss happens because of this two only. The higher the increase on loss and the base bet amount the more fluctuations will come. If you want to be safe set the proper base bet and increase on loss.

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3) Set a reasonable daily goal:

You do not need to win it all in a day, trying to win it all in a day is one of the main reason for loss. So always set a reasonable daily target and try to break it down to smaller one hour or less sessions. You will not tense yourself and this will help you in winning more.

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Test it out and do not forget to leave your feedbacks :)

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