How to avoid long losing streaks.

How to avoid long losing streaks.
Long losing streaks are quite common when you are playing with a higher balance, when you make too much profits or for too long.

How to avoid long losing streak then?

1) Higher balance means lower base bet to balance ratio:

The most common mistake made by almost all is that they set the base bet similar to what they have done when they have lower balance. This mistake alone leads to big losses most of the time.
If you set 0.1 Dogecoin as base bet when you have 100 Dogecoin, you will able to profit and not see long losing streak for a while. But if you set 100 Dogecoin as the base bet when you have 100,000 Dogecoin which is similar ratio wise, you will see a long losing streak pretty soon. You will either profit big or lose big in this case.

This is where most make mistakes. So next time do not make the mistakes of making the base bet amount similar or proportional for lower balance and higher balance. When you are playing on lower balance the long losing streak will not show up quite often but when you play on higher balance it will come a lot sooner than you expect it to come.

The crypto gambling sites profit mostly because of this simple mistake made by most of the players. Its not that these sites are cheating its just simple maths. Only a portion of the bet amount will be returned to players and if you represent a bigger portion of the total bet amount, you will see losses more often.

For safety refer to this, if your base bet to balance ratio is 1:10000 for 0.01 BTC then for 0.02 BTC it should be at least 25% more so 1:12500.

So for 0.01 BTC base bet is 0.00000100 and for 0.02 BTC base bet is 0.00000160

2) Do not cross the daily earning limit:

When you cross the daily earning limit, a long losing streak will definitely show up; no matter how safe you play.

The site bankroll management algorithm will get triggered if you profit too much. Its best to avoid it completely. Only a certain portion of the bets will be returned to players and this is fact. Also to be a fair system win and losses must be proportional too.

You might have definitely observed that after a big win, an even longer losing streak show up which either break your bank or make you win big. So if you just hit a big win take some rest and come back another day to win more.

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3) Avoid playing for too long:

When you play for too long the loss to win ratio gap increases. So to avoid that big gap between win and loss avoid playing for too long.

There is no fixed timing when this long losing streak will show up. It can show up even when you start the rolls but most of the time it shows up when you play for too long.

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Note: No amount of planning can save you from a long losing streak. What we are doing is trying our best to minimise the chances of it showing up.

There is no way you can completely avoid the house edge

Always remember this: Stop your rolls/bets immediately when its not going as usual, when you realise it the next time almost all your balance will be gone.

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