Simply calculate average losing streak.

Till how many bets its safe to wait for.
When crypto gambling most of the time we have no idea about:

1) How many losing streak is possible on any winning chance or payout.

2) Up to how many bets its safe to wait for.

Here is a simple formula you can use to calculate the average losing streak and keep yourself save from those long losing streak which most of the time drains all your funds.

Formula for losing streak calculation:

Safe Losing Streak = Payout x 6

Max Losing Streak = Payout x 8

*All the games are totally random and anything can happen so its best to stop your bets when you get a win anywhere between the safe and the max losing streak.

Do not wait for even one bet more than the max losing streak to cut of your bets you will lose 90% of the time and its best to completely avoid that big loss which happen at the end.

So for example on 3x Payout , the safe losing streak is 18 and the max losing streak is 24. So if you get a losing streak above the safe losing streak followed by a win stop your bets immediately.

Use our bet calculator to work your bets faster: Bet Calculator.

Next time the long losing streak will be definitely more and you have no clue when it will cross the max losing streak.

Do not wait for that big payoff at the end after a long losing streak cut it off before it breaks your bankroll. Any bet amount above or close to a quarter of your balance will most of the time be a losing one.

Alternative experimental method:

You can also use our dice game test to experiment max losing streak on dice game.

Experiment it here: Dice Game Test!

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