Why you should avoid auto bet?

Why you should not use auto bets.
Auto bet on Progressive Gambling System allows you to effortless execute bets but it has some serious limitations. If you do not properly understand it you will end up losing all your funds most of the time. The best choice is to avoid auto bet completely.

Limitations of auto bet:

1) Once set you cannot change:

You cannot change your set up while your bets are running. If a long losing streak shows up you will definitely bust it all as hardly any one put stop limits on their bets.

You can use other tools like dice bot for working out complex strategies but still once the roll starts you cannot change it.

2) Risk is high:

When you use strategy like martingale in auto bet with the minimum increase on loss you only win back the initial bet amount. So if you risk a significant portion of your balance just to recover the initial bet amount its pretty much the recipe for disaster.

3) No use of Logical Reasoning:

Once set no one will use their logical reasoning. All hope what they set up will work out the best for them. If a long losing streak does come up it will most of the time caught you off guard as your mind was in a relaxed state.

4) Winning is small:

You do not need to increase bet amount on every loss or play on the same winning chance till you win. Its all RNG and if you are going to do that you will never win big and most of the time you will lose. That's why crpyto gambling sites love those that play on auto bet.

How to overcome the limitations?

1) Have both stop loss and target profit:

You will definitely not stop your bets when you hit the target profit or when it reaches the loss limit. 

So set them all in first, if the site you are gambling on does not support it play on other sites that have it.

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2) Set higher increase on loss and low base bet:

Base bet and increase on loss must such that you can survive a long losing streak and make a good profit at the end. So the only way to achieve that is a low base bet and high increase on loss.

Use the our bet calculator to work it out perfectly: Bet Calculator.

Who should use auto bet?

Auto bet must be used only by those that have a good knowledge about the game and have a proper game plan. Otherwise completely avoid it, you will bust your balance more than 90% of the time.

Its super easy to set up an auto bet and let it run but without a proper game plan you will most of the time be behind.

What should you do then?

Play in manual mode its how the game its suppose to be played in real.

Benefits of playing in manual mode:

1) Full Control.

Keeping base bet same on high chance of losing bets, Changing direction or win chance on long losing streak, Making bet amount high when there is high chance of winning. You have the full control.

2) One at a time.

You bet one at a time by clicking on bet, so there is plenty of time to analyse your bets. Little chances that you will caught off guard as you will need to active all the time for the bets to be placed. So busting all in manual bet happens rarely unless you go out for a wild chase.

3) High Earning Potential:

You are going to minimise all the unnecessary losses and going to bet higher amounts so earning potential is a lot more.

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