How to Properly Set Up Auto Bets?

how to configure auto bets.Automatic mode is most commonly used in crypto gambling sites instead of the powerful manual mode, which puts you in full control of your bets.

We all love to do our bets in automatic mode as its simple to set up. We can test wide range of strategies on auto bets which will be a bit tiresome in manual mode.

The most common mistake made by all those making bets in automatic mode is that they set the wrong base bet. 

If the starting point is wrong no amount of safety will save you from getting your funds drained.

Here is how you can properly set up your auto bets:

1) Base bet:

If you cannot divide your base bet by 2 more than 19 times than you should not bet in automatic mode.

Base bet formula = Balance/ 2 ( 19 Times )

The fastest way to set this:

1) Click or Tap on max.
2) 1/2 it 19 times.

This base bet is safe for almost all payouts / multipliers

For higher payouts you can divide it more than 19 times but do not divide it less than 19 times as its not always safe to do that.

2) Increase on loss (%):

There is other tons of options like decrease on loss, increase/decrease on win but this is the most commonly used one and its simple to play with this. Equally powerful too so lets just stick with this one.

Set it too high you increase your chance of busting too fast or set it too low its hard to make any profit from it.

Here is the simple formula for all payouts above 2:

Increase on loss = Winning Chance * 2 + House Edge

So if the winning chance is 50% and House Edge is 1%.

The Increase on loss is 50*2+1 = 100+1=101

For Winning Chance below 1 % exclude the house edge.

Increase on loss for winning chance below 1% = Winning Chance x 2.

So for 0.25% Winning Chance increase on loss will be 0.25 x 2 = 0.5

For faster calculation use our bet calculator: Smart Gambling Edge Bet Calculator.

3) Average Streak of loss:

Have an idea of the average streak of loss possible in a payout/multiplier. If you have no idea of it you are setting up yourself for a big risk.

Always make sure to stop when this hits. You cannot win always.

If it hits too often you have not found the right average streak loss. Try perfecting till you find the one that sticks.

Its always better to stop when it hits than to wait till you have less than half of your funds left.

I have written a detailed post regarding this, have a look: When you should stop your auto bets?

A gambler never
makes the same mistake twice.
It’s usually three or more times.
Terrence Murphy, a.k.a. “VP Pappy”
What's your worst experience with auto bet?
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