All Progresive Gambling Systems Explained Simply.

best gambling systemsThere are many common gambling system you can choose from.

Here is the 5 common gambling system that most people stick to. This are most commonly suitable for almost 50% winning chance of course house edge is there too. While the martingale system can be adapted to fit to almost all winning chance easily and its the most commonly used one because of its simplicity.

1) The Labouchere System:

In this system you divide the amount of profit you want to make to about 10 or more equal portions. The higher the divisor the safer are your funds.

Suppose lets say you want to make a profit of 100$ now you divide this by 10 so you have 10$ bet amounts.


You add the first and last numbers and then you bet.

1) If you win you cancel out the first and last numbers and continue with the remaining numbers till you have none left.

2) If you loss you add another number which is the sum of the first and last numbers at the end so now it becomes:


Win you go to Step 1 and on Loss you go to Step 2.

Continue doing this till none of the numbers are left.

For safety you can set lower profit goals. 

2) The D’Alembert System:

In this you set a base bet then add the base bet amount on loss and minus base bet amount on win.

If you win on the base bet you keep betting the base bet till you loss and add the base bet amount only when you loss.

Example take base bet 1 if you win you keep 1 as base bet and if you loss you add 1 to it so the next bet is 2, if you loss again this time you bet 2+1=3. Suppose you win this time then 3-1=2 is the next base bet and the system continues like this.

3) The Martingale System:

The most commonly used system here you multiply your base bet by a multiplier depending on the payout on every loss until you win. If you win you keep betting the same base bet. Bets can get really big soon on long loss streak so best cut it out when its going out of bounds.

For example lets take 2 Payout.

Suppose you bet 1 you win you keep betting 1.

If you loss you multiply it by 2 every next bet till you win and once you win you return to the base b et which is 1.

4) The Fibonacci System:

This system use the Fibonacci Number System, in this the sum of the first two base bet which is the same when added gives the third bet amount and so on.

For example lets take this 1, 1, 2, 3, 5,... which is a Fibonacci Number Series which is a series of numbers in which each number ( Fibonacci number ) is the sum of the two preceding numbers.

Suppose you bet 1 you loss you again bet 1 if you loss this time again you bet 2 this go on till you win once you win you return to the base bet which is 1.

5) The Paroli System:

This is the positive progression system in all the previous system you multiply your bet amount on loss only here you will multiply only when you win and up to a max of two times only. This save you from the long losing streaks that sometimes happen in gambling. Its preferably to use this system in high winning chances like almost 50% win chance.

For example lets take 1 as base bet & we play on a 2X Payout.

You bet 1 if you win you bet 2 you win again you bet 4 and after this you return to base bet.

Suppose if you loss in anyone of this you continue betting 1 till you win and multiply only when you win.

Which one is your favorite gambling system? Let me know down in the comments.
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