Manual or Automatic Bet Which One to Choose?

is manual mode better than automatic modeManual Bet or Automatic Bet which one to choose? Is the most common question faced by many playing in crypto gambling sites.

Some are fan of manual mode and some are fan of the automatic mode. Both are equally good and have its own weaknesses and strengths.

I personally love automatic mode but I do not let it run continuously. I take a pause most of the time and change strategy after every certain time period. Every automatic session I start there is always a stop limit.

In sites like lucky games there is a warning saying: Automated betting helps you to effortlessly place bets and carry out long term strategies. Please use it at your own risk.

Is automatic bet really that risky to put up a warning sign like this? 🙄🤔

Yes, its risky if you continue for a long term. The max number of bets you should place should not be more than 1000 bets in auto. Above that the outcomes are totally unpredictable even in low payouts too there is equal risk.

You do can place bets longer than 1000 bets but I won't like you do more than that. As more and more fluctuations arise when you bet longer than that

1000 bets takes roughly about 8 mins a little more or less depending on which site you bet on.

Which is a pretty long time to bet on the same strategy.

So if you are betting in auto, keep it a short session like 5 minutes per strategy. Then you change your strategy. Doing this will save you almost all the time from the bot busting your account.

Why manual mode is better than automatic mode?

Manual mode shines because there is a rare chance of you multiplying very fast continuously on loss till you reach almost half your funds as the bet amount.

You will think at least for sometime before placing that big bet which rarely happens in auto we let it run and drain all.

Also while thinking time is needed, there is a time factor involved too in this game which makes you win or loss. As I always say in my post only a certain portion of the bets will win.

By going slow one bet at a time, you increase your likeliness to be among those lucky portion that is going to win.

When you are in a long loss streak try to pause and wait for a while for the roll direction to change. You will definitely get lucky.

The site analyse all bets as only a single account is making a bet that's why the site can always payout all. So waiting does help to make you win.

The major set back in manual mode is that we do get tired of the repetitive key presses or click of buttons in manual mode.

Try this for yourself if you still have doubts, the same strategy on auto and the same strategy on manual. Manual will definitely last longer than the auto bets.

How can you make automatic bet better?

1) Try betting at a lower speed. This will help you win more. Many are using the same payout as you by going slow you increase your likeliness to be among those winners.

2) Always have stop limit in place so that when a long loss streak hits it does not drain more than half of your funds.

3) Bets get faster when you bet bigger amount observe it closely you will see it. So always remember to pause it for a while and let it continue you will win most of the time.

Like in lucky games there is option to use animations to make it go more slower.

Automatic mode is like driving a car, if your brakes are not functioning. Only crashing the car is the ultimate outcome. So make sure your brakes are in place before you run your auto bets.

Manual mode is like riding a bicycle, chance of getting hurt when the brakes are not functioning is less but if you ride it too fast you can also do some serious damage too.

What's the best choice?

1) Go at a steady speed either in automatic or manual mode neither too fast or too slow.

2) Always have stop limit, either you are down or up a certain percent of your balance. You stop immediately at that point.

3) Take reasonable profits do not try to break the house bankroll. Its not safe decision to make. If you intend on doing this take and run. Never comeback ever ever again.

When you are gambling always have a strict bankroll management system in place anything can happen so be prepared before it caught you off guard.

A man’s gotta make
at least one bet a day
else he could be walking around lucky
and never know it.
Jim Jones

Personally which one do you prefer. Let me know down in the comments?

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