Is earning from faucet really possible in crypto gambling sites? [ Earning Strategy Too ]

How to make cryptos in crypto gambling sites for free?Almost all crypto gambling sites have free faucet that you can use to play with. This faucet is provided so that you can test out the game before putting in real cryptos into the site.

Most of the site will provide you with faucet ranging from a double digits to few thousand Satoshis.

The amount of faucet depends on which site you are gambling on. Player level does matter in some sites too. Those who have wagered high amounts do get more faucet balance to play with.

Its not recommended at all to start earning from faucet as it result most of the time in loss, lots of attempts and frustration too. Best is to deposit some funds and earn from it with strict bankroll management.

Is earning really possible from faucet really possible in crypto gambling sites?

Yes indeed earning from faucet is possible. Personally I have made thousands of Satoshi just from faucet only from almost all crypto gambling sites that have a free faucet.

You need to make at least a minimum deposit first so that you can make a withdrawal. Just make that minimum deposit before you submit the withdrawal request otherwise your account might be blocked for faucet abuse.

The hardest part is making it to 10K BTC Satoshi in almost all sites as you need to try a lot of times just to make it to that amount. Do not give up, keep trying you will surely reach it.

Here is the simple steps to follow to start earning from faucet:

1) Pick the crypto faucet that has the most potential to make it bigger.

If the site does offer more than one crypto as faucet try to use the one that have the most potential to make it grow bigger easily.

Like in stratis and play money provide good amount of faucet to start playing with.

2) Manual bets on low payout/multiplier till you reach enough balance.

Here is one of my favorite strategy:

1.4 Multiplier on loss Multiply by 2 for 2 times. Try to start with about minimum 5 Satoshi as the base bet.

3) Once you have enough balance use auto bets. A good balance to start is when the minimum base bet amount is balance divided by 2 more than 12 times. Try to play between 2.3 to 4 Multipliers/Payout.

Simple way to set the base bet is:

1) Click/Tap on max.
2) Click on 1/2 till 12 times or more. More the better.

18 is the recommended number of times to do 1/2 so if you are doing it less than 18 try to stop when the bet amount is close to a quarter of your balance.

See also: How to properly set up auto bets?

4) Take regular breaks and try to add it slowly if you rush there is high chance of losing it all.

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a thoroughly stupid thing,
it is always from the noblest motives.
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What's the biggest amount that you have made so far from faucet?

What's your favorite faucet strategy?

Let me know down in the comments. Also do share with your friends that might find it helpful.
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