Why making big profits daily is not a good choice?

making big profits in crypto gambling not a good choice.We all like to make crazy profits from our initial balance. Doubling or tripling or even more than that but its not good for your account to make crazy profits within a short period of time.

The provably fair system does not work that way. The system is set up to be fair for both sides: the one running the site and the one playing on it. That's why a particular multiplier will payout after a while after you just hit a big win. No crazy algorithm there just the fairness system working as usual.

If you aim at just taking only a proportionate part of your available funds, you will last longer and be more profitable in the long run.

In contrast if you try to break the site bankroll making double or triple of your initial balance as profits daily. The site is not going to sit there and watch it quietly for that to happen again and again. They have to make it a sustainable business too.

This is what happens for most high rollers in almost all crypto gambling sites. The site will always find a way to balance it to make it fair for both parties. Believe me the odds are not always in your favor.

Like in casinos where one player wins big amounts the house always finds a way to take it back: like offering freebies to him/her, drinks, free stay in hotels, etc to encourage to comeback again and loss it all.

Just follow one high roller and you will see a common pattern. A few days he/she will be up big and the other day that follow after this it will be down even bigger than all the previous gains. Why this happens is that we cannot control our emotions of watching all our profits just vanish in one single day.

Then the chase begins to get back even with the site, the site love chasers because from experience a chaser always end up making the wrong moves all the time and now its in their favor.

If you try to desperately break the house bankroll again and again, making big profits daily. The likely outcome will follow that's losing it all.

This is not only true for high rollers but for all. If you try to multiply your balance too much daily always remember a big blow is waiting patiently to happen. Its not going to be good for your bankroll. Be prepared for a lot of frustration and stress.

It might take a while for it to happen to you as you are not playing with high funds but it will definitely happen. So best is be play at reasonable pace and totally avoid it at all cost as long as possible.

Try to play wisely and make it a simple game instead of putting yourself in that roller coaster ride of series of big wins daily followed by that big downfall where you cannot make a recovery at all.

Follow this simple rules and all will be fine most of the time:

1) Set a fix percent of your balance as profit or loss like 10-20% of your balance is a good choice.

2) Either you make that percentage as profit or loss that the game stops immediately.

Simply doing this will make you survive long enough to make some profit some day at least.

Do not treat gambling as a source of income, its not meant for that. Its more as a form of entertainment. Its ok to loss some and win some.

If you are going to treat it as a source of income than have a strict bankroll management system in place, have a big bankroll so that you can always recover any amount of loss and practice it everyday like a daily ritual. That's the only way you can get even with the system.

It is better
to have a permanent income
than to be fascinating.
Oscar Wilde

What's your worst experience while gaming in a crypto gambling sites?

Do share it with your friends that is too in this roller coaster ride.

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