Is the provably fair system really fair?

How fair is Provably Fair?Most of the players playing in online crypto gambling sites using the provably fair system at some point always ask this question when the unbelievable outcomes come out like a long streak of loss which only stop when you have no funds left in your account if you have not set up a stop limit.

If you are gambling on one of the crypto gambling sites then there will be always one or the other person questioning the authenticity of the system in the chat once they get busted.

The system is fair but it does not mean that you will continue making the same bets, using the same strategy and think you will be able to make profits all the time. This is impossible. For the system to be fair you have to loss too.

Think of the system as a simple coin toss, more and more heads in a row increases the likeliness of a tail but there is a 50/50 outcome as always. So stop chasing outcomes based on previous outcomes its a random system and the house have kept as it is because if they alter its not profitable for them.

The house have a slight advantage over the players known as the house edge which it gets no matter the outcome. Over time it adds up which makes your odds of winning lesser and lesser as you keep betting continuously.

50% Chance of win does not actually pay 2 X your bet, it just pays around 1.98 X here the 0.02 X is the house edge. This can be more or less depending on which site you are gambling on but most crypto gambling sites have around 1% House edge.

Also another big trouble is that we multiply our bets when we loss which over time becomes dangerous as you have more and more wins in a row, the fairness system will work out a long loss streak to balance the wins, which will be impossible for most of the players to recover from. That's why most of the players that play and making continuous profits too, loss all their money in that long loss streak hoping that a win might show up and they win big.

The higher your bet goes the unlikely it gets for you to win as your win and loss must be in equal proportions for fairness system to function properly. So stop in the first time when you think is going out of bounds. Your funds won't wait for your second realisation to happen.

Results do vary sometimes sometimes if too many players are playing using the same prediction. The classic one is the 2 X payout where there is often too many players playing that loss streak goes out of bounds too often. A particular prediction on lower winning chance and higher payout will perform better than that. So best is to play random and find the best payout for your game for that day do not keep playing on the same payout every time.

So what's the best way to be make the system work for you?

There is no other way around this. Only cutting your loss once a particular threshold loss streak hits is the solution. Like for example stopping your bets if you have more than 8 reds on 2 Payout. If you have been playing for a while you will get an idea on the possible losses in a row. Cut your losses once that threshold hits. You can easily recover 10-30% loss but its hard to recover more than 50% loss.

Do not play too safe or too risky, play some where in the middle. Its the only way to make profits and keeping up with the system else its impossible.

Hate it or Love it, you have to play on it only. So best embrace it and make it your power not your weakness.

Everyone have their experiences with the system I have won big and loss big too.

What's your worst and best experience with it? Share your opinions down in the comments.
Remember this:
The house doesn’t beat the player.
It just gives him the opportunity to beat himself.
Nicholas Dandolos, a.k.a. “Nick the Greek”
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