Top 6 loss factor in auto bets.

loss factor in auto betsAlmost every one loves to play on auto bets as they are simple and generate profits without much effort needed. The biggest draw back is that if you have not set it up properly, it can turn into your worst nightmare busting all your hard earned profits; leaving you with just a limited funds to recover your losses.

Here are the top 6 loss factor in auto bets:

1) Traffic Factor:

Try playing during the morning, noon, evening and night with the same base bet and payout. You will definitely see that the ratio of win and loss fluctuates more when there is more traffic. Mostly for those sites where the server seed rotates all the time. For sites with fixed server seed its not big of an issue but it can too be an issue if you rotate seeds too often.

The site has to make only a certain percentage of the users win to make it sustainable, more traffic means more chance of loss.

2) Base Bet Factor:

This is the most important one even if you do all other things wrong, this one is your swiss army knife.

Keep reasonable base bets if you just have 100$ balance and you start betting with 1$ on auto basically you are setting yourself up for loss.

Best is to divide your balance by 1,000,000 and set that amount as base bet.

You can go for less value of divisor like 100,000 or 10,000 or 1,000 but it gets you decrease the divisor.

3) Earning Frequency Factor:

Most of the crypto gambling site works based on the provably fair system.

After a long streak of wins most likely losses follow to balance the earlier wins to keep the wins and losses in balance. If you are unlucky and land on those long losing streaks you will lose all your wins so save yourself from the trouble and try to make only a reasonable profit daily.

Its easy to carried away and later regret for losing it all.

4) Time Duration Factor:

How long you play is important too. If you been playing continuously for too long more and more outcomes get possible plus your mind may not work perfectly so try to play for about an hour max and take a break of about 15 mins.

5) Ratio Factor:

Big loss happens when the ratio fluctuates big. Suppose for example in 9.9X Payout if you win consecutively 4 times in a row be prepared for a big loss streak as the ratio normally fluctuates between 25-50 that is about 1 win for every 25-50 loss.

Most of the time you will get win faster initially do not get too carried away as its just another trick to keep you playing. Set a reasonable like 1% Profit then stop and another payout so that the ratio does not fluctuate big.

Consecutive wins in high payout is not good as is going to reward you with a long loss streak which will only end when you have no funds left. To be safe stop your bets when you see too many consecutive wins or consecutive loss.

6) Balance Factor:

Your balance is the most important in your earning and making profits from auto bets. Choose payouts wisely depending on your balance.

If you just have 5000 Satoshi do not even bother trying on high payouts go with the lower payouts between 2-3 where the ratio fluctuates little.

Try to earn at a reasonable speed neither too fast nor too slow, else you will be always behind.

In the casino,
the cardinal rule is
to keep them playing
and to keep them coming back.
The longer they play,
the more they lose,
and in the end, we get it all…
[Quote from the movie, “Casino”]
Robert De Niro

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