Top 5 main reasons for loss in gambling.

If you are gambling then you are trying to predict an outcome it can be simple 50-50 chance like a coin toss or more complex like the roulette table where there is plenty of outcomes you can pick from, all with different payouts.

Why you always loss in gamblingThe better you understand the game, the more chance you have at winning. Remember this: You can only beat the house for a short time so get in quick and get out fast as soon as you made some good profits if you bet all day, you will wipe all your funds even the profits that you have made earlier.

So here are the top 5 reasons why you always end up in a loss:

1) Limited Funds:

Never play with limited funds, you can play with a limited funds while you are learning the game but once you get a good idea about the game bring sufficient funds that you can make some profits on and play with a strict bank roll management.

If you continue playing on very limited funds even after understanding the game fully, then do not gamble because slowly slowly you will put yourself in a big trouble as losses will gradually add up and you will gamble recklessly just to recover the funds you have lost previously.

2) Clueless about the game:

If you do not understand the game fully do not risk your hard earned money on it. Take time to understand it. Many gambling site provide free play money experiment on them.

If you are just going to make a deposit of 10$ do not try your experiment on a 1000$ demo. Experiment only with the amount that you are going to play eventually. Once you understand the game fully from demo; first try with a limited fund say about 10% of your bank roll to see how it goes.

See how you handle your emotions with actual money involved. If it goes good and you have got a hang of it, deposit and make steady profits. If it does not work out good, continue in the experimenting till you know it well enough to risk your funds.

3) Playing for too long:

Its the house job to hook you at the game till you run out of funds. Do not hesitate to leave once you are winning. Do not get greedy you will have nothing at the end.

House Edge and the Randomness Nature will always beat you if you go on for too long.

Do not take my word just do a coin toss and you will see how random the outcomes are.

4) Risky bets:

It worked more than once does not mean is going to work most of time. Understand the risk involved in your bets. Do not be that gambler that learn by making a mistake more than 3 times.

Its possible to make even small amounts to big amounts but for that you need to cleverly calculate the risk involved.

The Roulette Wheel does have a 0 and Green. Which is neither (even or odd) nor (black or red). Understand the odds before you bet. Believe me the odds are not always in your favour so place your bets carefully.

5) In Denial:

Denial often spoils the person, if you are denying and not willing to take responsibility of your loss, no one can help you. If your way of playing is not making you profits as long as you can remember is time to come up with a new strategy.

You will always find winners in every gambling place or site. Learn from them, the detailed the better. Try to pick their brain even if it ends up in you paying them for advice. Do not hesitate just go for it. This few bucks will save you more than what you are going to loss in the future. Most of them are generous and will happily advice you for free.
Own your loss, there is always a lesson to be learnt.

A gambler never
makes the same mistake twice.
It’s usually three or more times.
Terrence Murphy, a.k.a. “VP Pappy”

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