Why Does Copy Paste Strategy Rarely Work?

copy paste strategy failsAlmost everyone that play on crypto gambling sites, will have copy pasted some one's strategy and failed miserably most of the time.

Specially if its on YouTube, do not think of even trying it out. The bot has already seen that pattern too often to let it pass again. Its going to be the biggest blow you are going to take.

Some YouTubers are in big loss too and they just won't show it to all. They will act as if you can beat the system and its easy. They are getting commission on your bets.

Why they will tell you its not easy?

Most of them just want the commission they get for referring. The more you bet the more they earn.

That's why there is too many auto strategies and a very few manual strategies. They want you to bet more and more.

My main motive is to make you understand how the provably fair system works and help you at least to get back what you have lost in the site. 

Its more complex than you think it actually is. The odds are never in your favour. So thinking that you can outsmart or beat the system is just a myth.

Why does copy paste strategy rarely work? Will be the question most of the time.

The simple answer is this:

1) Different time:

You are not both playing at the same time that the player was playing. At that time that particular settings might have been porfitable but not now.

See also: Top 6 loss factor in auto bets.

2) Different account:

You both have totally different accounts with very different history of bets. Most of the YouTube video makers have already made many bets before plus they have experience too so its easy win for them.

They can even turn 100 Dogecoin to Thousands which is not the same case for you.

For you specially if its a new account you need to be more careful and slowly increase try to increase your bankroll instead of just rushing in blindly with that strategy.

3) Strategy overused:

The strategy is so over used that sometimes the totally unexpected outcome arise. Specially stay away from the ones on YouTube, too many have already tried it. Few got lucky and many got busted.

The classic one, 99x Payout so often used that sometimes, some people see more than 2K loss in a row. I do not think anyone will be able to survive that many loss in a row.

The other one 2X Payout. You know its suicide to play on that one. Way too over used as its the default setting in all crypto gambling sites.

Also 10X, 3X, 5X too :)

No strategy is going to help, best is to learn bankroll management. Which is the best strategy to continue going on.

For those that would like to argue with me saying that this particular YouTuber trick is working and giving me profit. They will definitely have bankroll management system in place. Watch all their videos carefully you will see it.

Gambling is a wayof buying hope on credit.Alan Wykes
What's do you think about copy pasted strategies? Does it work or not.  

Do share it with a friend who might benefit from it.
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