High or low value crypto which one to gamble?

Low or High Value crypto for gambling.One of the most common question faced by many crypto gamblers is: Which crypto to gamble on low or high value crypto? Even many Youtubers have mixed opinion on this.

Let me get this straight, both are just cryptos and both are the same.

If you are tight on funds go for the lower value cryptos but if you have higher funds go for the higher value cryptos. Simple as that.

As is said bitcoin is for high rollers because if you have only just a few 10K Satoshi or any amount less than 100K, its hard to work out a plan on that. No matter how safe you play, you will always end up getting busted.

If you convert that to Dogecoin, you have plenty to figure out how to work a plan on that accordingly, earning is always possible on every crypto.

After all it does not matter which crypto are you playing on, its just some random system only.

Always take precaution if you are working on a new crypto with no history of bets, try to keep your bets super safe. 

Try losing a portion of your crypto first say 10-20% deliberately. Do some high wagers, this will make the fairness system work in your favor and make you win more back than what you have loss but if you do not do this, it will take away more than half of your crypto balance or even more.

To keep the system fair you have to loss too. Its up to you to decide how much to loss 10-20% or 50% and more. The choice is up to you.

This why copy paste strategies from YouTube video rarely works. You do not know the history of bets that the player has made previously.

If you have never betted lets say 5K Satoshi before. How do you know it will be a win for you. If you place that same bet. That person making the video has already betted way more than 5K Satoshi that's why he is winning on that bet.

Go slow when you are starting. That's why is always advisable to bring only 10% of your funds initially in the start so that if you loss that you can bring in 20% and recover.

*** It does not matter which coin you are playing. If you cannot divide your balance amount by 2 more than 18 times there is always a risk involved in losing your funds.

Hope this clear all your doubts on which crypto to gamble on.

Stop cursing the fairness of the system when you loss. Its fair and it will only pay you out proportionally to what you have. I have seen many won plenty of bitcoin and many loss plenty of bitcoins.

After all loss and win is always a part of the game, if you cannot deal with it. You should have not gambled in the first place.

In gambling the many must lose
in order that the few may win.
George Bernard Shaw

Which one is your lucky crypto? Let me know down in the comments.

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