When you should stop your auto bets?

why its necessary to stop auto betsAuto bets though a great system to generate steady profits by just doing a simple set up of prediction or payout, base bet and then increase/decrease. Can turn sideways pretty fast specially if you have been playing for a while or just hit a big win.

So when should we actually stop our auto bets?

Auto bets should be stopped when you have more than the normal streak of loss.

Lets say you roll on a 50% winning chance which pays roughly 2 X. You should not wait for more than 12 loss in a row which has a roughly 0.024414 % chance of loss.

No matter how many rolls you play once you see anything above 12 reds in a row is a red flag to stop your bets and wait for sometime.

If your sites allow you to change your seeds change it. Some sites will not allow that instead provide you with random seeds.

Changing client seeds wont help that much as even I have been busted in sites that give you random seeds so the best is to wait and come back after sometime.

What's the best way to find out the average streak of loss?

I won't say you find the max loss streak as its impossible to do so. The best way to find the average streak of loss for any winning change is set minimum base bet with no additional settings and let it roll for 100 rolls. You will get a rough idea about the average streak of loss that happen often.

For more accuracy you can go for 200, 500 or 1,000 any rolls above that I won't recommend as there is a big chance of a long loss streak to come.

How to set up your base bet?

Your base bet must be such that your win after the average streak of loss is roughly 10% of your balance anything above that will clear your funds most of the time.

Lets say we have a balance of 100$ and we are playing on 50% win chance with increase on loss being 110%. The average streak of loss we see is about 8. So we set our bets to 0.025$ not more than that so if we win on the 9th bet we end up with a profit of roughly 9$ which will happen most of the time but if we loss, we loss only 18$ which is still better than half of our funds gone.

Always set max bet so that your bet stops on that average loss streak + 1 automatically. Do not think you are too smart you will not stop at that exact bet most of the time and you will end up losing almost half of your funds most of the time.

Even if you manage to do it it will be always 1 or 2 bets more so you either end up with either 40$ or 80$ loss. Always play on sites that have a built in function to stop once the max bet hits.

Use our bet calculator to calculate your bets accurately.

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What's your worst experience with auto bets let me know down in the comments?

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